Monday, August 3, 2009

"Family Camp" *Warning---Very picture heavy :)

Every year the last few years for my MIL's birthday we go camping with her sister and family at Dorena lake. It's fun to play with cousins we see only a couple times a year and enjoy being outdoors.

Lots of bike riding!...
Part of our camp...

The dam

Matt, remember that dusty bank I told you about that the kids loved so much last year?

Loads of fun :) Keeps them busy ;) 'Course, it makes lots of laundry for the mamas when we get home... But camping in general means lots of laundry, so it's not a big deal.
The birthday girl, 60 this year.
Joshua was very anxious to look after a younger cousin, first helping him down off the hill when he thought he was stuck. Then running to get his shoes...
And even putting them on! I was very proud of him :)

I want to play too!

Rest time. Good thing Papa makes such a good pillow.
A very dirty and exhausted Joshua escaping the yellow-jackets by eating dinner inside.

Before heading home Nate, Brannon and I (Joshua rode home with Grandma) took a walk around part of the lake. There's a great paved bike and hiking trail that goes all the way around. I think we made it a quarter of the way.
:) :) :)

"Are you coming?"

"You really shouldn't draw my attention to the fact that you are taking my picture because now I have to pretend I am embarrassed and annoyed and turn the other way"
"Only for a minute though. Talking is much more important than pretending embarrassment and annoyance"


princessmama said...

And no, Joshua didn't wet his pants as it looks like in the pic in the tent. That is the remains of a game involving water baloons :)

fawndear said...

Camping and cousins - has to be the perfect combination. We live too far away from ours. We are lucky to see them more than once every two year. Neat that you are much closer to yours.
Hoping that you survived the heat wave too. Yucky sticky heat should not be allowed in the Pacific Northwest.

Best wishes on your Etsy venture. Can't wait to see your pictures.

shedhorn said...

looks like a fun time! I was very happy to hear you guys didn't have to battle the smoke.

princessmama said...

We did survive the heat wave:) Though it was touch and go for a couple days there ;)

I can't wait to see my Etsy shop too! I have a couple decisions to make now, not big ones, but just need to get my brain in gear and get on it.

shedhorn, I also was extremely glad we didn't have smoke. That woulda been a real bummer! I was so relieved as we drove out of the smoke into clear skies :)

Matthew said...

Looks like tons of fun. I like how there are a lot of motion pictures. How much younger was the cousin Josh was helping out? He looks pretty close in age.

princessmama said...

I *think* he's three :)

sparkliestar said...

yay!looks like you guys had a blast:)wow!Jubilee is getting so big:)