Monday, August 24, 2009

County Fair----First Installation

Decided to put my chosen pics in two posts instead of one super-long one :)

Wow, this fur feels funny! That's wool, sweetie...
This is the first year we did many rides. Last year we did none and the year before I think they did two each. This is the first year they were both old enough to really enjoy it. The boys saved their allowance for several months in order to buy armbands (far more cost effective than tickets! Especially if you buy them early and pay ten dollars less). We had a blast, them riding and me watching, lol.

Joshua went up the slide, looked down...and came down the stairs, heehee
A little fun house. I think it was Indiana Jones theme. Brannon was really scared of this bridge in spite of being closed in. Joshua was humming along behind him.
I think the bumper cars were the hands-down favorite of the day...

Around 1pm we left for a while. It was about a hundred degrees by then and the boys were getting worn out. We took a nap, had a home-made iced tea slushy and headed back around 5:30 for some more fun.
It was funny this little stream display for the kids to play in trumped the promise of more rides for a while...
Of course, there was no chance they would just play nicely in the stream that had been set up like the other kids were doing. :D They had to rearrange the whole thing, move the bridges, make a dam, LOL.
More bumper cars, oh yeah!
Joshua claimed the "merry-go-around" as his favorite ride. I didn't get very many good pics of them though.

More to come soon--

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