Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swimming lessons

Every afternoon this week has crawled by as if coated in sticky slime, leaving a trail like the misguided slugs munching the struggling cabbage in my garden. The culprit is the cold virus oozing its way through my system, reducing me to a disgruntled couch potato.

The bright spot in our day is my youngest son's swimming lesson at 5:30. It seems like we stare at the clock from the time we get up from nap at 3:00 until we get dressed in our swim stuff at 5:00. As soon as we exit our vehicle at the site of the lesson my four-year-old is transformed from sleepy-eyed to animated. He skips gleefully through the parking area to the pool. He is, as usual "hyper" throughout the lesson and struggles to wait patiently for his turn to participate.

The blissful look on his face as he floats in the water is heaven itself for this besotted mama:)

Here is a hat I made this week. I saw a picture of one and thought it was too cute, so I whipped one up for my little hat lover. My oldest has no interest in hats but he's hoping I'll make him some crocheted food pretty soon. We'll see how it goes, I'll post pics if I finish anything.

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable hat! Lucky you, having a kid who will wear mom never got us to wear hats, except maybe in the snow. :-)