Monday, August 18, 2008

Messin' Around

My plans to clean house this morning (or at least fold the ever-increasing mound of clean laundry in my bedroom!) were hijacked by my dear hubby who decided we should all go play at the park. :) The boys played hide-and-seek and tag and mama took pictures.

Papa likes to keep an eye on the seeker and switch hiding places.

Getting ready to run. . .

Wow, playing tag is hard work!!

When we got home from swimming lesson this evening we picked some corn, shucked it and cooked it for dinner. Yum! The boys sure have enjoyed watching the corn get taller and taller this summer. Now it is so exciting for them to pick something they've watched grow. Neither of them is fond of corn off the cob but they sure have been happily eating it on the cob:)

I did try making the chocolate-covered peanut butter balls last night while papa was getting boys ready for bed. I took some pics but they didn't turn out. The honey flavor pretty much overwhelmed the chocolate. I think if I try them again I will plan on double dipping them. The malt-sweetened chocolate does take some getting used to also. I am used to using it but when I use it to create a sugar-free treat modeled after something else it still tastes funny to me.


fshmatt said...

Hey that looks like tons of fun. I can't wait until I have kids to play with. Your boys might love corn on the cob, but do they like chicken on the cob?

princessmama said...

They are fun:) Thanks for stoppin by.

fshmatt said...

Actually, in a round about way you did. I wanted to comment on your blogs but I didn't have a website. I created my blog mainly so I could let you know I was checking things out, but then I just started writing.

princessmama said...

Aaaaack!! My pictures won't stay where I put them!!!