Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was just thinking about kids, and their varied and unique interests. My youngest loves "workers" of all kinds. Particularly farmers and builders. The interest in farming has chiefly to do with tractors, he does like growing things too, but machinery of any kind is very exciting to him. My oldest like information, especially anything "science-y". He likes words and explanations. He can talk for hours on end.

My honey and I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Kauai for five days for our tenth anniversary. I was talked into leaving the critters(we call our boys lil' critters after the Mercer Mayer books:) behind, and though it was difficult for me turned out to be a good decision. I can't wait to go again and take them with us!

While shopping for gifts I came across a book that both boys really love. 'Old Makana Had A Taro Farm' is a Hawaiian take on Old MacDonald. All the animals and actions in the book are called by their Hawaiian names with the English translation in parenthesis beside them. The book has a number of animals and also actions such as planting and harvesting taro. It came with a CD of 'The Barefoot Natives' singing the song. A little history of taro is included as well.

The boys enjoy learning words in another language and can't wait to try poi when we all go to Hawaii together. :)

It is fun to see which interests the kids keep for years at a time and which are passing fancy. Critter #1 was determined to be a castle builder. For about three years his future was all figured out. He was going to build mama and papa a beautiful castle as soon as he learned how. And then he would have a business building castles for other folks. Papa was going to be his designer. Little brother and one of his friends were going to work for him as builders. :)

Suddenly at age 6 he wasn't so sure of his future profession any more. Maybe a castle builder, or a ninja, or an animal rescuer (courtesy Go Diego Go). Now at 7 1/2 he wants to be a scientist of some kind. There are a dizzying number of choices for a budding scientist--engineers, biologists, astronauts. . . The possibilities are endless!!

Good thing he has a few years to figure it out:)

Critter #2 want to be "every kind of worker". His eyes light up and his countenance positively shines when you get him talking on this subject. He wants to be a farmer, builder, road construction worker, firefighter. . . He wants to "work all day until he is tired" then come home and rest. He vastly prefers tools to toys and always has. He is a very busy little guy and often pitches in outdoor work without being asked. Just this morning he helped papa and grandfather move some gravel to fill in ditch. At two years old he would cry if not allowed to help stack firewood with papa. Of course emptying the dishwasher and putting away clean clothes are not work but a waste of his precious time:)

Each so unique and so much fun. What a grand thing it is to be a mama!

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fshmatt said...

A - mazing. I love those little guys. They absolutely rock. Em and I are having a little trouble getting settled simply because of being so busy, but when we do, we'll have sleepovers for sure.