Saturday, November 3, 2012

Five Years Old!

Blaizen is, that is :) And two days of celebrating, beginning with pancakes for breakfast on followed by presents. He was very excited about the Chinese coin Joshua gave him for 'treasure'
 Light saber, "I always want one of these!" 

 He was a little bewildered about having two birthdays (we always do one with just us on their actual birthday and one with relatives on a day that works for everyone) and wondering how it could be his birthday without cake! I made him macaroni and cheese for lunch and he got to go to the video store and pick out a movie to watch. 

Fortunately Blaizen didn't have to wait too long for his cake birthday, as we had it the next day :)
 Big brother lighting his candles
 I love this little expression when we're singing happy birthday
 It took Blaizen quite a few efforts to blow out his candles!f


Momma Bug said...

Awe... Happy Birthday Blaizen!
We love you!!!

Looks like a pretty good birthday :-)

Love you friend!

Emily McEntire said...

I love how excited and animated his expressions are! So cute!!