Monday, November 5, 2012

Crows and Autumn Color

This morning Brannon and Blaizen excitedly called me outside, where they were listening to a large, loud flock of crows. It sounded like they were relatively nearby, not far up the hill from the house. I set off with camera in hand to see it I could capture any pictures.
The ruckus was amazing. One of the neatest things I have listened to. 

 As I crept closer the birds fluttered farther up the hill. I slowly and carefully followed. I could barely make them out in the thick tree cover. 

 Soon I got too close again and they made off a ways further. I had stood quite a while listening to them before trying to get closer. Mixed in with the many crow voices were two louder, deeper voices which I assume belonged to our resident raven pair. A blue jay joined the clamor as well, alternately sounding off with blue jay screeches and imitation hawk screeches. Fun stuff :) 
And, on the way back down I couldn't resist recording some of our amazing autumn scenery

 All in my very own yard! *Happy Sigh* 
 I'll be sad when I don't step out my kitchen door to This!
A few more days :) 

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