Monday, November 5, 2012

Finger-painting Fun

Something we noticed right away about Blaizen is that he Really likes to get his hands (and feet, and head, and...) into things, especially food. We've been working really hard on him eating with a spoon/fork and not shoveling it in with his hands because it's faster and easier. And at the same time working on Not playing in your food. But I'm definitely seeing a need for him to have things to get his hands into. We've had play-dough available all along and lately I've been gathering more items for some "sensory" play.

Today we got out finger-paints and noodles :) Brannon has always disliked getting his hands sticky/dirty/ yucky. He was never interested in finger-painting or mixing dough with his hands or anything like that. I was not surprised that he declined Blaizen's cheerful invitation to join in the finger-painting with a huge shudder. I grabbed some brushes and set them out and when Blaizen continued to invite Brannon to join him he started out like this...
 Imagine my astonishment when Brannon first stuck his fingertip in the paint and dabbed it on the paper a few times, then moved on to this:

 Followed by this!!
 They had a great time feeling each other's slimy hands

 Oh, those squelching noises are So funny!

 Too much fun:) I'm excited to try a recipe for homemade finger-paints for next time.

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