Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Wild Week

Here are some of B's pics from his week at Wildlife Images
Pygmy Screech Owl

B's fav critter-Chase the Peregrine Falcon

Red-tailed hawk, blind in one eye


Chase-getting flighty during a demonstration

Tundra the wolf

Tundra. B said there were more cameras out for Tundra than any other animal

B said the snakes scales were much softer and smoother than he thought they would be.

B got to go into the bird building and get some inside pics of the birds


Albino squirrel


Brannon had a great week at camp and really enjoyed playing games with the other kids and seeing all the critters. When I saw the pic of the guts I said "That's what you'll be doing when you're twelve." He just smiled and said "Yep."  He's thinking about going again this summer. He had a bit of a rough experience with one boy who was unkind to him, but we talked through it. Overall I think it was a good experience for him. 

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