Monday, November 21, 2011

Friendly Photo Shoot and Fun in the Park

Some friends of ours had asked me to take pictures of their family for them. I nervously agreed. I have a good time taking pictures of events and scenery and sometimes end up with some great candid shots of people. But I have no experience with taking actual planned portraits. I have no idea how to pose people etc. I was really hoping not to disappoint them!

Our first try was at mid-day at a park in town. For starters the littlest member of the family did Not want to stop running around and pose for the camera. Here he is trying to be sweet and smile when his mama told him too: 

Here he is a little later "posing" for me:
 We eventually got all the pictures taken and I got a few candids that I love. The portraits didn't turn out so well though. Some of them are posed badly. Some have cluttered backgrounds and other are blurry. *Sigh* )I guess I need more guinea pigs to help me practice, right?)

We decided to try again a few days later. We were restricted on time due to a combination of soon-to-change weather and matching everyone's schedules.

We met at the same park. I had the boys with me this time and we met my sis and niece there a little early to  play:)

 I was trying to get a pic of them throwing leaves in the air. First Brannon and Joshua threw their leaves and Haylie hung on to hers. Brannon kept posing (Lol!) until Haylie finally threw her leaves, but by then Joshua had decided that a fierce face was in order (shortly after he charged across the grass growling):

 Our friends arrived and the sun was going down faster than we had anticipated. Littlest gave us his best camera face again:)
 By the time "dad" arrived from work we were nearly out of light, but we managed to get a couple decent pics in (minus the soccer ball in the background, lol)
 Ok, this looked a bit different (and cooler!) to my eye through the lens. If only we could capture what we actually see:) 

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