Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Get-Away--More Pictures

Still Friday :)
Dancing to worship music while cooking dinner
Oh, wait, you're taking our picture?!?!?!?! Aaauuugh!!! At least let us POSE!
Downstairs movie watchers...
A really, really cool lamp
Do you think these ladies are excited to be together? :)
I just love watching the big boys play with the little ones:)

The really cool lamp compels you to Touch it...

Philip, who's pictured here came back and wrote on facebook about the wonderful weekend with friends, worshiping God and fellowshipping, and how God's been teaching him about family this year...and I just happened to have this great photo...
While on the deck taking pictures of the beautiful beach I turned around and was struck by the warmth and friendship visible through the windows...
Not terribly well composed, but I thought they were fun anyway:)
More dinner making
Elijah--dancing and clapping and singing and running from room to room saying hi to everybody. Soooo sweet and cute, I loves him:)
The drummer girls and Nate (Janis got her drum for her birthday and Mom got hers for Christmas and they are excited for any excuse to use them together:)
More to come:D Next, pictures of our midnight drum circle/worship session. The boys slept through it even though our bedroom was downstairs and it sounded like they were literally pounding holes through the ceiling!!! Woke me up. I didn't actually want to be asleep and miss the New Year's celebration anyway, I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. So, I was Glad to be woken up. I was really excited my kids stayed asleep though ;-)

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Momma Bug said...

Looks very fun, and refreshing, and delightful!

Lovely pictures and memory capturing :-)