Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Drum Circle

So, when I heard folks trying to pound holes through the ceiling (thus ending my "nap") I figured it must be near midnight. I wandered upstairs and found it was only 11 pm...
Caylee and Don (Caylee, Joy, and Andrew are siblings. Don is their uncle)
Bear (who belongs to Lorna)
Mom and David (David belongs to Sue)
David and Janis
Nate on the didgeridoo
Andrew and Zach
Joy(dancing) and Sue(videoing--is that a word?)
Rowdy (who belongs to Janis) and Renee
Sue and Lorna (mom to Elijah, Zach and Cameron)
Janis and Mom
Don and Danita (they belong together and their kids are Alisa, Elizabeth, and Lydia)
Mom and Janis (don't they look like they are having fun?)

After we counted down midnight we went out on the deck for a few minutes and made crazy noise out there (the neighbors called the police!). Then we came inside and had communion.
A little more worship first...of a quieter sort
Then communion together, in the quiet, dim room, in the best of company...
Thank you Father so much for showing us Your love in so many wonderful ways. Thank you for friends who are like family. Thank you for the Gift of Your Son to us. I love You!

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