Sunday, October 3, 2010

Highlights of The Week In Pictures

My Farmer's Market beauties...

Monday we finally got to spend some time with Nate after a hectic week and a half filled with work and school in which we rarely saw him. We went to a park and played then took a long walk

My three precious boys

What a smile!

What an ornery look on Papa's face:)
Got 'im!
That boy loves his scooter

When all else fails, steal their shoes!

A bit of fall color

Nate and I were in the next town over for a date last night and saw the most incredible sunset. By the time I got hold of my camera the light was disappearing fast. These pictures don't begin to do it justice! Most amazing were these wisps of cloud coming down, and in the next pic a beam of light that's a bit hard to make out in the picture--it was sure incredible in person.

A couple night shots, taken through the windshield while we were driving

We went to a different park today and played disc golf with some friends. We played on the playground while waiting for everyone to arrive. I love this picture of the boys:)
Brannon running from Jillian. Jill, who comes to the Tuesday night Bible study we love so much, has "adopted" Nate and I as her big brother and sister:)
King of the playground
"Can't catch me"
That gorgeous smile again

The disc golf crew (minus me and Jillian)
Throw, Joshy, throw!
The scooter comes everywhere possible :)

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