Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deep Fried Friday

Welcome to 'Deep Fried Friday' a monthly worship service
hosted by -------
Jenn Maynard
(as told to Sarah Stiewig)
We started Deep Fried Friday (DFF) to create a service young people were involved in. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where identity is cultivated, where we encourage people to step into what God's calling them to do and be. We want to partner with what God is doing in the people who come.
Each month we have a different speaker and we encourage people to come up and give testimonies. It's a free and comfortable atmosphere where people can worship and just be themselves. There are people painting and we have drawing supplies so you can do prophetic art. We leave plenty of room up front so people can dance. I love the service because it's a fun and safe place to be where we know who we are and who each other is in God. We trust each other and we trust ourselves. We are able to recognize each other's gifts and give each other the opportunity to move in them.
We are always listening for the Holy Spirit's leading for the whole service; we want to know what He's doing and where He's leading us. Wherever He's moving is where we want to go, if He's talking about something that's what we want to talk about. It could so easily become just another church service where we do the same thing every single time we get together and it just becomes a repetitive thing. Instead we want it to be full of life. I find that the whole month leading up to DFF I'll be going through all this stuff and not know why until the night of the service. Then I'll realize I needed to get that breakthrough in my own life because there is someone there that needs it.

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