Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

They took turns choosing which way to turn and had so much fun :)
Resting in the "middle" (which wasn't really in the middle, it was at one edge and had an "emergency exit")

Getting bored with wandering, time to consult the map

Beautiful autumn scenery--geese and pumpkins :D
Intent on finding the biggest one...

Looking tired...

Waiting for the hay wagon (er...tractor) to take us back up the hill
The gentleman driving our ride up the hill had a delightful cowboy accent and mannerisms. Once everyone was finally loaded he asked who wanted to hear a "------- Farms yodel" Most everyone said yes! He then pointed at me (of course!) and said "Young lady, give these folks a yodel. They want to hear one and we wouldn't want to disappoint them" Then, to our delight he did indeed yodel for us. The boys were quite impressed. If you didn't know, a cowboy yodel is like the chorus of a song (at least that's what it makes me think of:) I don't know what other kinds of yodels might be out there, I've heard other song sounding ones though so I guess that's what a yodel is??
A delightful time was had by all:)

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Matthew said...

That is a hilarious picture of Jess :)
As far as I know a Yodle is songlike and generally involves lots of pitch changes. Here I am trying to think of what I have heard when the biggest information source in the world is at my fingertips, hmm...