Monday, March 15, 2010

Promised Pics of Chicks :)

And kid pics :D
Jubilee loved the chickies

That's a funny place for a nap!
He said he just needed a peg-leg and an eye-patch to complete the pirate look :)
Joshua obligingly held one of the wyandottes so I could get a picture

Ducky taking a nap on the cow--- "Ducky's cow" explained Matt ;-)
Our first home-hatched chick this year (the yellow one) I put the littlest wyandotte in with him for company. When I tried to put him in with the wyandottes it was an 8-against-1 peck fest, sheesh.
This little guy was our second hatch, but when he came out of the egg he stayed curled in same shape and couldn't seem to lift his head. He laid there thrashing his legs like crazy. We spent the morning taking turns holding him so he wouldn't damage his eyes with his claws. He can sit up now but still not move much. I'll give him another day or so to gather his strength and see if it looks like he can make it on his own.
I guess none of these pics relays the reality of 16 baby birds in the house, but you get the idea :)


shedhorn said...

Cute, my kids would love them.

Matthew said...

Very cute! I can't imagine having 16 noisy little boogers in my house. I think I'd have buffalo chicken babies.

princessmama said...

Zac, you guys should come over and see them! :)

Matt, I found I LIKE not having a heat lamp, in spite of sweating all the time. The little boogers sleep when it's dark instead of making noise all night long :) Buffalo chicken babies, hahaha, I don't think they'd even be a bite.

Matthew said...

True, I was just hoping to get a rise out of you, I lose.

princessmama said...