Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lithia Park

Saturday the bike racing team Nate is now a part of took a practice ride in Ashland as part of their spring training week. Nate had missed all the other rides because of his work schedule so he was really excited to be able to do this one. The families of the riders hung out at the park to play while they were riding then we had a little picnic together.

You may remember this climbing apparatus from my post last June, when we went with Jessie and Haylie. Joshua immediately climbed straight to the top again. He probably climbed up and down at least a dozen times over the course of three hours :) Nate says he thinks it's about twenty feet high. He got Janis and Elizabeth to race him to the top and back down :)
It started innocently enough... Hey, I bet we could dive through without touching!
Elijah Reign, enjoying the swing and his daddy
And, we're still at it. For the record Nate says I don't have "permission" to post pictures of them and make silly comments :p (Who's definition of 'silly comments' are we following here?)
Where one goes...
The others must follow...
Describing recent exploits
Let's make it harder...
And try to swing through a smaller hole!Hi Brannon :) Had a great time trailing Cameron and McKenzie and is all worn out
You should see the rope burns these two have, Yikes!
Plotting our next move
The audience, or part of it anyway. I think half the people on the playground were entertained by our fellows' antics :)
And Joshua joins the fun
He's definitely of the dare-devil persuasion ;-)
I like this one, the sun finally moved enough that I could get pictures from a different angle. Just in time for them to decide they were tired. So, I only have the one, lol. I was told by Nate I should have put in requests for angles for good pics. Truthfully I didn't even think of asking them to move til it was too late.
And my favorite pic of the day :D What is it made of? How is it put together?


Matthew said...

These pics make me jealous. Looks like SO much fun.

LindaFaye said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love these photos and have played on this same type of climbing structure too. Your man (and his pals) are too funny!!

princessmama said...

I figured you be jealous Matt. You guys are going to have to play soon.

Linda, Thanks for visiting back :) They do like to have fun!