Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Snowing!!

The boys are super excited. They insist the rain now coming down to melt the snow we got over the last couple hours is simply more snow. It's switching back and forth between a light drizzle and a light snow. Joshua is outside with a garbage bag trying to slide down the driveway. The mixture of slush and gravel that is his trail is not looking very promising. I have to give him points for enthusiasm though :D


fawndear said...

If you can send some of that magical white stuff a bit to the north, it would be welcomed with open arms. My kids are really missing the snow.
Love the enthusiasm your kiddo's have.

princessmama said...

When I become a weather wizard I'll let you know, LOL

My kids tend to be thoroughly disgusted with our typcal snow all night and half the day, then it all melts in the afternoon and we start over. Because, of course, the only thing snow is good for is sledding :D

Matthew said...

Agreed. 100%