Monday, September 14, 2009

A Glimpse of Heaven

Dear ones who have gone ahead, we rejoice for you. You have no more pain, or sorrow.

We grieve that we have you no longer. We long for your smiling faces and warm hugs. We miss you. How we miss you.

We are in awe of the visions granted us who still walk, earth-bound. Glimpses of glory and fire. Beauty beyond description. Fire in the Father's eyes and streaming from his hand. Fire filling you, making you.

We are amazed to remember that you are not just gone from us. Not just in the Father's arms. But you are a bigger part of this battle of faith than ever. You stand at the Father's side, sit in his lap, dance at his feet. You gaze into His eyes of love.

And you speak.

You point. "Look! Look there! See Your beautiful ones? Do you see their faith! Look what they are doing now!! Oh, Daddy, send them help!"

I am sure there is so much more you get to do and say in heaven. I can't wait to see more. To know more. I am so grateful for this glimpse through another's eyes, this picture of heaven. I love you Daddy so much!!! I love who You are, and all You do. You never cease to amaze me with Your wonders! Glory be to You God! By your mighty power at work within us you are able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Thank you Abba! Thank you. :)

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