Monday, July 13, 2009

Us at Turtle Bay Museum

The Sundial Bridge
Grandma Karen and Grandfather took us to Redding, Ca for two days last week. We went to waterworks water slides the first day and Turtle Bay Museum the next day. It was such a fun trip we decided to do it again next year:)
In the botanical gardens

This looks like a fun place to play! I want to do it in my yard :) The kids didn't see it cause they were too "hot and tired" (at 9 am! lol) to walk that far...

Going back over the bridge to get to the real fun. Who wants to look at silly old gardens anyway! We have those at home.

Cool tree roots
An aquarium that mimics the Sacramento river. (Most of the indoor pics will be blurry cause the museum doesn't allow a flash or a tripod)
A room full of very cool lego sculptures
What day would be complete without some lego building of your own!

We watched a very fun wild animal show in which numerous birds of prey swooped over our heads and then wandered around to see the rest of the outdoor sights before heading in to see the best part of all---the t-rex skeleton! :)
Feeding some parakeets

In the butterfly house...

A snake skeleton and a stuffed snake
There was a fun display were you could here the calls of many different breeds of owls, that was interesting.

Joshua was very cute, lining each fry carefully with mustard before stuffing it in with obvious enjoyment :)

I don't have any pics of the water slides. The boys loved it. Joshua was a little daredevil and had his Papa take him on the biggest rides several times. Brannon liked things a little slower so at least I had someone to stand in line with me for the tamer slides, ;)


Matthew said...

Definitely looks like "TONS" of fun :) I'm glad y'all had a good time.

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