Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Ducks :)

I almost got a pic of three or four heads peering over the edge :)
My silver and chocolate drake
A little champagne colored hen. The woman I bought her from said she wasn't sure what color she was going to be, maybe buff. But she looks too silvery to be a buff to me...maybe a 'new' color; or maybe her adult feathers will be buff color. We'll just have to wait and see.
Remember those cute little yellow ducklings from a few weeks ago??? Here's one of them. When they have yellow down with a little black on the tail you can tell they will be barred as juveniles. Most likely when their adult feathers come in they will be solid black rather than bared. I'm almost sure this one is a drake.
Hopefully a hen (this is 'Meadow' )
The "champagne" hen and two chocolates... I need to come up with names for these ladies... assuming they really are ladies :) I think I'll wait a couple weeks before naming them.
The other yellow duckling...this is "Morton", the one i helped hatch...maybe a drake, he has such a big head :)


Matthew said...

Very cool ducks! A couple questions: What the heck color is Buff? Also what is barred? Im not up on my duck terminology.

princessmama said...

This is barred:

Kinda stripey, at least as far as birds go.

Buff is a kind of gold/tan color. Our chickens are buff orpington crosses.

fawndear said...

I too was ignorant of the buff color. But now that you mentioned gold/tan. You could call it almost a fawn color. So if it turns out buff colored after all you could name it Fawn. You know because I'M NOT PARTIAL or anything. Beautiful fouls they are. Especially Meadow - she's my fav. Hum Fawn and Meadow sound like they go together right.

princessmama said...

Heehee :) Actually, fawn is a bit lighter than buff, which is alright since this girl looks lighter to me. I *was* going to name them all "M" know, 'Muscovy--Meadow, Morton, Moira, Mocha'... But, I'll have to consider Fawn now fawndear;)