Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 2

It's only day two and already I can't wait until I can go grocery shopping and add some variation to my smoothies. But, I guess it's six smoothies down. That's a lot of the same taste! I'm dreaming of almonds, dates, and bananas. :-)

Yesterday evening was very interesting. I was a bit hungry but the psychological need for food, i.e. food and relaxation go together, was intense. Hunger was definitely in the backseat. Today, I'm just hungry. But this psychological need for food as more than sustenance is what the next few weeks is really all about. I need all the prayers I can get from you all as I seek to break this addiction. Because it truly is an addiction. Now I understand perfectly that food can be for celebrating and sometimes even comfort. It has marvelous memories associated with it--why else would we eat the same thing every thanksgiving, etc... For me it has become a daily need to comfort my discouragement. I feel every bit as trapped as a friend of mine who must have cigarettes every day, or my dad with his beer every day after work.

God has been speaking to me about getting in the best possible shape for the adventures He has in store for me. Not the least of which is this daily adventure of raising children I am already engaged in!!! Joshua dreams of the day when mama is slim and strong so she can run with him (though today he said, and I quote "but if you're fat there's more of you to love!" LOL). I've been slacking I must say. I do have good excuses most of the time...

The first step for me is to get free of this addiction to comfort from the wrong place. With the help of the Holy Spirit I will succeed. This diet is just an outward sign of my desire for freedom. It's my step forward, my attempt to make myself open to the Holy Spirit's work in me. So, there's some direction for your prayers my dear friends and family :-)

Thank you again for all your support and love!


Momma Bug said...

You are beautiful friend. I sure like all that your body packages, and look forward to watching the Lord continue to mold and shape you into HIS image. I'm praying for you and cheering for you as well!!


princessmama said...

Thank you, dear friend! It helps to know you are thinking of me :)