Saturday, May 9, 2009

Around Our Place Today

I'm back on my feet today. Slow, but up :-) We spent quite a bit of time out in the fresh air this morning. It is delightfully warm and sunny out.
Nate spent a couple hours working on the old chicken coop, getting it ready for new residents. He had some help from a couple of fine little men...
Mama helped too, holding wire while papa stapled. I think we are almost ready :-) We need to build new roosts and nail a few more boards around the bottom. Eventually the roof will have to be replaced; but we are grateful to not have to create a whole new building.

Our garden is coming along nicely
Joshua's lettuce
Peas and carrots, also Joshua's...

Beans, hopefully :-) (bird protection, if you were wondering, they love to scarf the seeds)

Lemon balm and lavender

This one didn't get a chance to bloom further ;-)

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