Monday, September 24, 2012

Idaho Vacation Day 3

Taking a break between running games
Sweet Bryce found a big chair to hang out in
Pretty flowers around Mrs Love's yard, asters
black eyed susan
artful driftwood

We took a family walk down to the creek and up to the shooting range...

Brannon caught a frog, which was duly passed around for inspection

These holes make great peek-a-boo spots for little eyes

Bryce walked back up from the creek with a little worm on this Big piece of wood :)


 The big boys decided a muscle-powered quad was great entertainment
 Joshua ran off the take advantage of no waiting for the zip-line

 Ah. At last we get to the launching of the rockets we spent so many hours building yesterday!

 Observing from safe perches
 I wish I'd gotten a picture of Clay's rocket and it's loopy trail of smoke! I didn't realize it would be slow enough for me to capture.
 Getting Joshua's rocket ready

 Zach's rocket was the final launch of the day

And a great time was had by all :)

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