Sunday, September 16, 2012

Idaho Vacation, Day 1

Near the beginning of this month we had the great fun of being able to visit some dear friends in Idaho. Thank you so much, Loves, for having us!

We left our house about 2:30 am hoping to get several hours in without having to stop. The boys took a little while to settle back to sleep, but they did eventually and we had a very quick-seeming few hours of travel with Nate listening to an audiobook and me dozing off and on and listening to my book when I couldn't sleep.

The boys woke up after we had skirted Portland and got onto the highway along the Columbia River gorge. We stopped at a rest area next to a reservoir for a bit of play time

 There were these fun little "forts" that the boys had a great time checking out

 And running, lots of running...
 Sweetness: Joshua holding Blaizen's hand so he could fix his shoe 
 The two biggest boys having a chat

 We enjoyed the scenery along the gorge as much as the first time we went this way. There are quite interesting and amazing rock formations and waterfalls, and barges and trains and dams and bridges, and trees and islands...

We stopped in Kennewick Washington for lunch and a long play. Nate persevered in driving around the town until we found this nice park with a big playground. 

 When we sat down for lunch we attracted a large number of these seagulls:
 The noise they made was like a laugh "ha ha ha ha". It was so funny! I loved the bright red of the inside of their mouths against the light grey speckles. They would bend their heads down between their legs and then up over their backs, laughing all the while. Brannon observed that is seemed to be an aggressive behavior since usually a fight would break out following it, or another bird would run away.
 Happy boys :)

 We got to watch a couple of squirrels enjoying this giant walnut tree. It was a bit dangerous to stand underneath, I was worried about someone getting beaned by a walnut. This squirrel sat and worked away at the shell of this walnut for a good half an hour:

 Fierce lion!
 This pic of Brannon cracks me up! Fake mad face :) looks pretty convincing 
 There's that smile I love so much ♥

We played there for about and hour and a half then went to a frozen yogurt place. By the time we got to Coeur d'Alene we were So tired of driving/riding. We just wanted to get to our destination so we didn't make any more stops. The last hour of our trip was a little loud and crazy! We arrived in time for dinner as we were hoping. So happy to see good friends and let the week of playing commence! 

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