Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where we were:)

And no, I didn't wait until after my cold:) I must be feeling a little better this afternoon.

The boys had soooo much fun in the swimming pool. Way down south, where we were...

I didn't want to mess with my "big" camera on the trip, but I did end up wishing I had it because there were so many pelicans and cute little seagulls. It was great fun watching the pelicans dive only feet from the beach.
Nate got to play beach volleyball several times, he was very excited:
We got to go to Mexico. All the way down the the Yucatan peninsula. To a little town called Cancun. To spend six days at a resort there. Now, I would never pick a resort for a vacation spot personally. But I have to admit, it was really nice not to have to cook or worry about food for a week:) After to first two days it got a little crowded and I had to tune it out as much as possible. Brannon was pretty overwhelmed with the size of the hotel, all the servers constantly asking if you need anything, and the number of people there. Joshua was quite the trooper and just took it all in. He loved the buffets and being able to pick out his own food every day. I never saw him get anything he wasn't supposed to have (with our food restrictions combined with his love of eating and independence that's a big deal!!) and he always asked if he wasn't sure.

One of the funnest things we saw was the night we went to the mall. The storefronts were all open the the outside, so instead of indoor hallways to all the stores it was outdoor walkways/streets. There were guys dressed up as statues posing here and there. We saw three of them, I'm sure there were more, we didn't make it everywhere before we were tired.
The boys got a scare with the first guy and wouldn't go near any of the others. So Nate got to be the lucky one to take pictures with them. This was my favorite guy:
The first one we saw (that I don't have a picture of) was a soldier who looked like chocolate(in front of a chocolate store)-he's the one who scared the boys--after Grandfather told them it was a real statue. Ahem.
Joshua  bought some fun pipes at a souvenir shop. I love hearing him play them:)
And a puppet:
The view from our balcony. Again.
Straight down. There were always a bunch of guys working on the landscaping. Not to mention employees constantly sweeping and scrubbing pool chairs etc...

On Saturday we went to a water-slide place that was a few minutes bus ride from the hotel. The boys had the most fun with the bumper boats I think
There was this cool playground with water flowing through it everywhere out of pipes and sprinklers. 
And a wave pool.

And the ever-present seagulls

And a good time was had by all :)

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