Thursday, December 1, 2011


"We should get pictures of the kids together before we leave," says one mama to another. "We should." says the second. "We could take them on your front steps like we did last time," says the first. "We could do it today." The second replies, "Yeah. That would be good. You're leaving to soon, it came up fast." Neither mom moves. 

Then Grandma chimes in, "Well, are you going to do it now?"

We look at each other. Sore throats and headaches speak louder than motivation. The couch is very comfy. The three oldest are happily occupied outside, doing whatever they are doing. "We'll let them play a while. We'll do it later, when they get bored..."  ;-)
 "You're going to take our pictures?" Says Joshua. Yup. "Good! I want to pose like we're sword fighting, ok?" Awesome, I say, Let's get a few quick ones on the steps first, then you guys can pose with swords for me. "Ok!" 

 "Take our picture now!"
 "No, Jubilee, you've got to put your sword touching my shield." 
 "Good job Jubilee. Now we're ready Mom."

Jubilee makes her favorite request of Brannon, "Can we go hold chickens?" So, off they go. 

 Joshua, bored of that particular occupation, elects to stay behind. When Jubilee tried to convince him to come along he assured her he would be waiting to join then again when they came back. Then he proceeded to not only climb the apple tree but to go as far out on a branch as he could without falling off...
 (not garbage, bags of leaves waiting to go on the garden:)

 Agmess, one of Brannon's hens
 Holding Coraline. This is the first time I've seen one of the chickens in a nearly featherless molt. She looks quite sad. Jubilee was inspecting the feathers growing in.

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Momma Bug said...

Can't get enough of cousins myself :-)
Lovely pictures friend!