Monday, October 31, 2011

Small Talk

What a Fantastically Gorgeous month this has been. I think the spectacularly beautiful October is making up for our cold, rainy June. :) We haven't been out of doors as much as would be good for us because of two 'colds' in a row, but boy we've been enjoying what we can of it:)

In lamenting the loss of our short summer I'd forgotten how much I love fall. A very few days of golden light, and golden breezes and golden smells reminded me:)

Brannon is planning for his birthday (I like to get him started early so I can figure out how to make whatever kind of cake he comes up with. I've relaxed a little on the "no 'white' cane sugar even on birthdays and holidays or mom will hyperventilate" thing a bit which makes cake decorating a whole lot easier, but I still like to plan ahead). He decided on a "Native American" theme:) He was picking figures out of his 'cowboys and indians' stash to use. I noticed he had all the "indians" but one and tried to put it in the pile. He took it back out. When I inquired why this fellow couldn't join the party he informed me that "Iroquois don't wear buffalo headdresses mom, they wear feather ones." Oh. Neither do Iroquois live in teepees. No, they lived in longhouses. So much for the sugar cone teepees idea... ;-D  (Of course I should have expected that my dear little detail man would have a particular tribe already in mind)

So, guess what we're getting at the library this week? Books on the Iroquois of course. We'll do some internet reading as well. "Native American Facts For Kids" looks like a good place to start.

Joshua is still going to his Kung Fu classes which he enjoys immensely while he's there. Getting ready to go is another matter altogether. He just can't stand stopping what he's doing, even if it's "nothing", and getting ready for something. He's like this about everything, getting ready to go Anywhere is always a big fuss. So far we've told him that as long as he's agreed for us pay for another month of classes he's obligated to finish out the month whether he feels like going or not. So far he keeps agreeing to sign up for another month at the end of each one. Of course, we always ask him after class, not before lol...

Our annual "Soup and Donut Party" came off as well as ever. We had fun trying half a dozen different soups (everyone makes such yummy ones!) then stuffing ourselves on donuts while visiting happily. It was a very warm day and didn't cool off drastically in the evening, which was a big surprise, but very handy for an autumn indoor/outdoor party.

We made caramel apples for the first time ever this month. It was fun:) We made our first caramel with a mixture of maple syrup, brown rice syrup, and honey. Very Sweet. The kiddos loved it ;) I tried a batch today with honey and coconut milk. I think I'll work on modifying that one to my taste, in the hope of coming up with something I can use for some old Christmas candy recipes. Maybe use half brown rice syrup and half honey etc. Should be fun:) The boys will like having all that candy around anyway.

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