Thursday, March 31, 2011


My new hobby this week is counting calories :) It's not fun starting out, but it shows me how much I've really been eating. Ha. So not good. Anyway, it's day four and I'm already getting used to it. We've been enjoying school lately. We've been doing little workbooks and crafts. One thing we started that the boys Love so far is doing field journals. Each boy picked a topic and they have little blank books from Barebooks that they use. Brannon picked "Chicken behavior". Each day he draws a picture and writes a sentence about chicken behavior. Since we have chicks right now he's been doing his observations on them. Today he drew a picture of our outdoor cage we put them in when it's warm enough out and he wrote "Chickans lic to go out side and play in the sun." Joshua chose to do his journal on things he's built. I love seeing what they put in them. The best part is they love to do it. They will happily draw and write with little prompting from me. That's my kind of school :) I've slowed down school with Brannon and we've been going over the same words and reading the same book all week. He seems to be improving slowly and gaining a tiny bit more confidence as he begins to read easier. So, until we can get into the eye doctor to talk about dyslexia, I think this is how we'll keep on. He really likes the math books I got for him and he and Joshua enjoy doing addition flash cards together. Especially when every couple days whoever gets the most cards gets a little prize. This also motivates Joshua to practice with me on the side:) Our first race is in a little over a week. I don't feel ready at all! But, it's only ten miles and I know I can make it that far "easily", I just don't know how fast I can do it... I'll be practicing on our trail Saturday and a trail across town Sunday. If I have a babysitter for the race I'll definitely try it... So, update to come:) I've been waiting for the rain to let up so I can get out in the garden. There are things that need to be planted now...or a couple weeks ago! And yesterday when it was lovely warm and sunny I wasn't allowed to garden because I'd just had my back adjusted. And today it's cold again, and I'm feeling rather lazy... :P I Did work out this morning, that may be the most I get done today, lol...

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