Friday, January 1, 2010

A Rainbow On New Year's Day

An auspicious beginning

My sweet munchkin. So glad he is feeling better today.

Love the quirky smiles :) They were having so much fun playing in the seasonal stream that runs down our hill.


Momma Bug said...

WONDERFUL pictures Sarah!
Your place looks like a place I'd like to be, and the boys would surely enjoy your woods there!
(I can see why Big Foot has chosen the Pacific Northwest) ;-)

Love you,

princessmama said...

Thanks Analene :) It was a toss-up between laundry and writing this morning--duty vs pleasure you know. Then the sun came out and trumped both!

Love you too! I've so enjoyed being able to stay in touch this way. :)

shedhorn said...

Great pictures as always.

Some great lookin kids.

princessmama said...

Thanks bro :)