Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Morning At The Park

My blogging lately, besides being rare, has been rather out of order...oh well. Anyway, here we are at the park on Saturday...

My little climbers
Our gorgeous river
Our state flower
Running in the sun
There are tiny, daisy-like flowers around here that have bits of pink on the petals. These were mostly pink though, and darker than any I've seen.
The maples are in full bloom...lotsa pollen...we don't seem to react to this one thankfully. Aren't they beautiful :)
I LOVE the sound of water. I "dry up" (lol) if I don't hang out around some running water at least once in a while. It's one of those things I'd rather not live without ;-)
Feeling the force of the current
Hurrah for lots of bridges!
We counted thirteen turtles (not in the picture)
For some reason Joshua has always thought this statue was of our family. Since he was tiny.

We finally made it to the playground ;-)

The aftereffects of way too much spinning---sick tummies...
Remember that big kid I mentioned the other day?
LOL He wanted me to push him. I declined.
My sweet boys...


sparkliestar said...

looks like lots of fun!i love that park:)

Matthew said...

What is our state flower? Next time, invite me, I'll push Red

princessmama said...

Oregon grape!! ;-)

Spontaneous family outing. We should plan on going together the next sunny weekend we have :)

princessmama said...

sparkliestar: yep, it's about our favorite i think :)