Thursday, April 16, 2009

Before and After

You wouldn't know from the second pic that Brannon cried the rest of the evening because he regretted cutting his hair. He was so sad mama felt like crying with him :(
He said, after a while, "I'm thinking it took two summers and two winters to get my hair that long." Yep, two years, honey. I'm sorry I didn't go by my first instinct and ask him to wait over-night before having me cut it. Little brother wanted his off and B suddenly decided he wanted in on the action.
I hope he feels much better tomorrow. I hope the lack of tangles, the ease of washing, and no hair in the eyes gets the better of his tears. That boy has the thickest hair. It took cup after cup of water and lots of massaging to get it mostly wet, lol. Sweet boy. I love you...


Matthew said...

Wow! Thats a big difference. I hope he doesn't feel bad for too long. He can always grow it out again. What does he think of pics of Nates long hair?

princessmama said...

He hasn't seen pics of Nate's long hair in Years!! Our photo albums are buried in boxes upstairs. :( I've really been wanting to dig them out lately :)