Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is not what it looks like outside right now... It's pouring buckets in fact :) We made it out to the growers market this morning. It was actually sunny and warm while we were there. It was a blast, as always, watching the boys pick out some veggies. Before we got to the veggies (or "veg" as critter #1 calls it after watching Wallace and Gromit an the Curse of the Were-Rabbit about 6 times last week...) we passed a booth with burl carvings. The boys showed a great deal of interest so we stopped for a closer look. Critter #2 liked all the tallest or longest carvings. My mom would ask him which he liked and he would say "this one because it is tallest" or "this one because his hat is tallest" or "this one because his beard is longest" lol. Critter #1, after I made a comment that a myrtle tree was carved from myrtle wood, pointed at various carvings and asked if they were made from the same wood as the trees depicted :)

After the boys played for a bit at a little park while we waited for a certain store they enjoy to open. They had fun playing and I had fun taking their pictures :) Sadly the store we were waiting for never opened. We walked a little more with grandma then went into a kid's music store. Critter #2 went from display to display gleefully trying every instrument in the store. Critter #1 played with his favorites. In between saving instruments from critter #2 mama found some cd's to drool over. African and Hawaiian. I love to get music for my kiddos to listen to . They are so open, and enjoy most things so much.

After an early nap we are taking it easy. Enjoying the sounds of the rain. I'll go wash some dishes pretty soon, maybe make a muffin mix for an easier breakfast in the morning (i hate trying to figure out breakfast when I wake up). In a couple hours papa will be home and maybe the boys will talk him into a little wrestling match (or maybe not, he had a race today:).

I hope you all are having a nice Saturday too. :)

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fshmatt said...

Sounds like you guys had tons of fun. I had a great saturday too. Maybe I will blog about it later. I don't have much time for blogging right now because I'm doing a pre-count for inventory and generally sleeping on my lunch break.