Friday, October 31, 2014


A gorgeous month it was, full of sunny days and blue skies and just enough rain.

We had a friendly visitor one day.  Quite tame he seemed, inclined to hang around the part of the yard where the people were.  Mama kitty encouraged him to move on immediately though.

Silly Gus likes to chew on sticks

Still Life


Is it a little brother or a pack mule?  Has he volunteered for this job, can you tell?  ;) 

Explorers Brave

My favorite park to walk in:

Cutie patootie!

My four fine fellas!

Um, yeah.  Stop growing kid! :P

October flame

Gettin' some help from big brother

We had a fun evening with my sis and family.  Cute kiddos, yummy soup and pumpkin carving on our new deck...

The adorableness!   :)

Catching up. . .

Happy pumpkin faces

Watching big cousin work on his pumpkin.

One day Mom had a great idea!  Let's pop outside and grab a cute picture or ten and we'll send photo cards for Christmas this year.  I always think about doing it and never get around to it...

Let's get a nice picture or two for the card, k guys?

"Let's pose for a picture, she said,  It'll be fun, she said. . ."

Well. . . THEY'RE having fun ;)

Sweet kitties taking over the love-seat - Fin, Maggie, and Gus

I can't believe he's seven! What?!  ;)

Halloween costumes for the first time this year:

The Doctor  (Doctor Who)

a soldier

the Incredible Hulk

Goodnight October!  It's been fun.


Shelley McEntire said...

I love the beauty that you see in the "little" things in nature and how your are able to capture them in a photo. I kinda like the boys' goofy pics and think they would make good Christmas photos, not traditionally "nice" though. Lol. Thanks for sharing lovely daughter!

SarahS said...

I did use some of the pictures for a card :) They're all goofy, but I think that's great. Personality and all, ya know ;)

Momma Bug said...

Oh good! I agree - I very much like those personalities your people have!

Your pictures ARE lovely friend, as always. I am still desirous of a DSLR. A good toy for a mama to have I think :-)

Loving you,

SarahS said...

The best toy :D :D :D

Thanks :) That last one I just love, lol! Bunch of goofs :P

Love you too Friend <3