Thursday, September 5, 2013

Idaho - Part 1

Splitting this post in two because even when I try to limit the number of pics I include, I just can't help myself :D

We had the great fun of getting to visit our Dear friends in Idaho for a second year running. This time we took our wonderful bus and camped along the way.

We stopped at a park in Bend for lunch our first full day of driving (we set out late the night before and drove for about an hour and a half)
Brothers :)
Blaizen picked this giant dandelion clock for me (don't know if it's actually a dandelion, something related maybe?) and Nate was holding it up so I could take pics of it, then he had to have some fun too.
So many gorgeous flowers on these roadside banks!
We were all fascinated by this sunflower growing out of a crack.
Gorgeous full moon! Took this pic when we stopped to give some guys with a flat tire a ride back to the nearest town. Since the whole adventure took about an hour off our time we decided to stop there for the night (Condon).
View from our campsite in the town fairground.
At Marvel Hill:
Lots of ziplining...
picture taking
super-cute five-year-old adventurers
Crazy dads
happy grins
coffee in bright mugs
precious sisters
and some of the best kids-enjoying-each-other we've seen yet :)


Momma Bug said...

OH so good to "hear" your voice! Thanks for posting pictures of your adventures - good memories. Good times :-)
Love you so!


SarahS said...

Love you too! :)