Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunny Friday

 Friday we had the pleasure of having Nate get home at 2 pm. It was so nice to have him for almost half the day:) It was so nice out that we headed down to the creek to hang out for a while. The big boys set off exploring immediately and Blaizen found a sun-warmed pool to stick his feet in.

There were so many pretty and unusual rocks I was having a great time checking them out. 

There was a cool pile-up of sticks against a tree by the creek. I'm having a hard time thinking the water got that high this year. Is there any other reason the sticks could be piled so high? The big boys were all excited thinking that top pile was a roundish shape like an eagle nest. They were disappointed to discover it was 'just' a wall of sticks.

Blaizen enjoyed lounging with Nate and getting him to copy his facial expressions
 Sweet boy:)

This is the boy who's afraid of heights. Hmm. Apparently he felt safe up there.

Cold much? 

And it was Josh's turn to climb up

Nate, looking Tired.

Sticks to bring home. Because one can never have enough sticks.


It was a great, relaxing time together. Friday was one of the hardest days I'd had all week since my dad passing away (Saturday was probably tougher), so I was so glad to have Nate home for support, and to have such a beautiful day to be out in. 

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