Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

 What beautiful sunshine we are blessed with today! It seems a good omen to me :) 

Last night my hubby and I were up late talking about years past. Christmas day 16 years ago we decided we wanted to get married to each other. A year and a half later we were married. Spring 8 years ago we started to talk about some really tough stuff in our marriage. Painful and liberating it was. And our family life improved greatly during that time. 
Many of the regrets we have we can see how God uses those experiences in our lives; and often we have advice to offer younger couples because of those regrets. We talked about some of the struggles we have today, wishing we were both better at handling the stresses in our lives, better at being kind to one another. We listened to our kids' sleepy breathing and the guns and fireworks being let off in the distance, happy to be beginning a new year together.

Happy New Year everyone! 


Momma Bug said...

Sarah and Nate,
AJ and I are so thankful for you guys, and honored to call you friends of ours. It has been a privilege to witness your friendship to each other and your decision to continue forward - even when the road is up hill and not fun.
The Lord is glorified in your testimony. May He bless you abundantly in the days to come!

Love you,

SarahS said...

Love you too my friend!