Monday, May 28, 2012

I Had Good Intentions...

...of keeping up my blog better. For my own sake, you know? I like the journaling aspect of it, and a little writing outlet never hurt me. But I've been struggling just to make it through each day in one piece. That's what it feels like anyway.

See, my adrenal glands took a nosedive after a seemingly mildly stressful happening. Just a life thing you know? But my fragile body couldn't take it apparently. I've spent a good 80% of the last 5.5 weeks on the couch. Lucky me. No bike riding (or racing!), hardly any driving (too dangerous in my extremely mentally fogged state), and a Very disgusting, dirty house!

I've got new marching orders from my doctor that include glandular extracts and an 8:30 bedtime. Yippee. Buut... If it works it's totally worth it, right? And what Mama couldn't use an early bedtime? Problem is, that's earlier than my boys go to sleep, and we're all still in the same room while Nate struggles to get the boys' bedroom finished in between bouts of homework, classes, and work. Not to mention helping his dad around the property and doing odd jobs for the neighbors. So, yeah.

We're still hoping to have it done by the end of summer term (Ha. I'll be glad when our life isn't measured in school terms ;-)  ). In the meantime we're asking the boys to tolerate a little earlier turning in and turning off of audio books. If I can get in bed at 8:30 and read while they finish listening to their story and have them turn it off at 9:00, we'll be doing good I think.

I'm also not supposed to exercise to fatigue, use the computer or do chores after dinner, need to get our house tested for mold, wean off of caffeine and eat Really healthy and mindfully (my eating schedules get whacked along with sleep when I'm having adrenal problems--i either don't eat enough or eat too much and don't eat at regular times etc.)

I had a couple weeks of pretty intense depression before I figured out exactly what was going on. I knew it was circumstantial though and not the old dark pit of "before". So I was able to muscle through it.

God has been so very faithful through it all, providing peace and putting up with my temper tantrums. My friends and family have been lovely and encouraging, providing shoulders to cry on and sound advice on the other end of the phone. I love you guys!!


Momma Bug said...

Dear Sarah,

You've been on my mind constantly. I'm sorry I haven't called. I'm really sorry to hear you've been fighting the battle of ye ol' shell ~
and good girl going to bed earlier!
If you get a wild hair, never hesitate to call me. I was recounting to my boys a few weeks ago, how "Mrs. S. trained herself to ride her bike uphill and remember when she rode her bike all the way to Bloom Lake?"
They were impressed, and YOU are the inspiration for Clay riding riding riding his bike and now riding all over the driveway - even UP-hill! :-D
Keep keeping on friend.

I love you,

SarahS said...

Aw! Keep up the good work Clay! It's worth it :) You have to do the uphill work to have the Fun downhill!

I Will get back on my bike some day! Hopefully not too far in the future :) I went through quite a grieving process giving up my goals for this year's racing season. But I am at peace now and just glad to hear from my doc that I am doing the right thing by taking it easy and that there Is light at the end of the tunnel.

I will get a wild hair one of these days ;) miss talking with you. We were hoping to make it up this summer but, not looking as likely at the moment. That green paper stuff just disappears too quickly at the moment :}